17/01/2024 : EO Cross-Chapter Snow Adventure Retreat

Date de l’évènement : le 20/01/2024 – Location : Champéry – Plein Ciel

Learn from the Best:

Engage in an immersive half-day workshop with Alex Osterwalder to uncover the secrets of building invincible companies.

Innovation & Strategy:

Become an « Innovation Machine » and an « Evidence-Based Leader » through hands-on exercises and discussions.

Crisis Management:

Put theory into practice in a simulated avalanche rescue experience, honing your crisis management and teamwork skills.


Connect with industry leaders and like-minded entrepreneurs in a relaxed, scenic setting.

Whether you’re a seasoned CEO, a budding entrepreneur, or a strategy enthusiast, this retreat offers an unmatched blend of learning, practical experience, and relaxation. Prepare to return not just rejuvenated, but also equipped with actionable insights to make your organization truly invincible.

Registrations open on 15th Oct.
limited to 50 seats