7 au 8/03/2024 : Save the date – EMEA Moderator Summit

07 mars 2024 au 08 mars 2024

Celebrate in-person learning opportunities when peer leaders come together to listen and share their own experiences and insights. The Europe and MEPA regions are hosting a Moderator Summit as part of their Moderator Workshop Series Programme for FY 2023-2024.

What Moderators get out of Moderator Summit – video📽

  • Get to meet other moderators from other regions, beyond their forum
  • Understand the full ecosystem, meet the trainers
  • How to get to the 5% 
  • How to run a better presentation
  • How to manage conflict
  • Share challenges and best practices
  • Get to know other people in EO

What is it not?

It is not a moderator training; all attendees need to be moderator trained before attending

Mod summit builds on the skills that moderators gain during the Moderator training in order to make the forum experience so much easier and better.

Tentative agenda:

Arrival – 6th of March, Wednesday

Full day program & Group Dinner -7th of March, Thursday

Half day Program until 1:30PM – 8th of March, Friday

Total of 3 European SLP’s will also receive subsidy independent of the chapters – $350 each. First register, first get basis